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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm aim live in san francisco where bart police are answering questions about an officer-involved shooting that happened in civic center platform last night. >> also this morning, a pilot is forced to turn a stretch in interstate 80 into a landing strip. >> and flames gut dozens of rental cars near san francisco international airport. investigators are trying to determine if illegal fireworks were involved. >> live look at the embarcadero this morning, sunshine and another warm day. it won't be quite as hot as yesterday but it will be tomorrow. then we'll talk about a cooling trend for the weekend. >> if you are headed into the city this morning, traffic is
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light over at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is the 4th of july. thank you so much for spending your day with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. it was hot yesterday. barbecuing outside, getting roasted along with the rinse. >> kind of scorcher. let's check in with mike and find out what is going on. >> what is going on, seven-day forecast, unfortunately it's not going to be quite as hot today as it was yesterday. we do have looks like cooling trend, 2-7 degrees today. then it's going to get hot tomorrow. fisherman's wharf, nice place to view the fireworks. we'll of a west wind around 20 miles an hour. working out some other fireworks forecast and it's going to be hot away from the coast. good morning, danielle.
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>> take a look at san rafael at lucas valley, those are headed in the northbound direction so traffic is holiday light out there. make our way to golden gate bridge, there nor cars right now. they are doing very well right now. checking in with mass transit, heads up, ace, cal trains no delays. muni and bart operating on a holiday schedule. it's 5:02. in the news, bart trains will begin rolling through the civic center station in about three hours. that station was closed a bitterly overnight after bart police shot and killed a man they say it was wielding a knife. amy hollyfield is live at civic center with the latest. >> reporter: bart police are still on the scene and they tell us they did find a couple of knives and some broken glass from a bottle here at the scene. they got the call at about 9:30
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last night, some people complaining about a man brandishing a knife. he appeared drunk. he was would be butly and he fell down on the platform. the next call dispatch received was that shots were fired. they don't know exactly what happened, but investigators say there is evidence there was a can confrontation. >> the officer suffering from cuts and bruises house arm. minor cuts and bruises on his arm. the suspect is a white male. two officers involved one is white. >> they don't know much about the man that was killed, he is somewhere between 30 and 50 years old. they don't know where he is from. san francisco police are investigating this along with bart police. the station will be opening at civic center at 8:00 a.m. along with all of other stations on a holiday schedule. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news."
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it's been a violent night in richmond where authorities are investigating four separate shootings that left at least four people dead and two others injured. it started around 8:30 last night when a man was shot on ohio street. he is expected to survive. then shortly before 11:00, two people were shot on west ruby near second street in north richmond. both were killed. about 15 minutes later, a person was wounded or was found with a fatal gunshot wound in a car. police describe that victim as a 19-year-old man. ten minutes after that, around 11:15 two people were shot on first street and macdonald avenue. a 27-year-old man was killed and second man suffered non life-threatening injuries. crews removed a small plane from interstate 280 on the peninsula after it was forced to make an emergency landing right on the freeway. it happened shortly after 7:00 last night in redwood city in
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the northbound lanes north of farm hill boulevard. the single-engine cessna clipped the back of this mercedes. chp says the pilot took off from the san carlos airport on a test flight and developed a fuel problem. he was able to radio a mayday to the airport just before landing on the right hand shoulder of the freeway. >> when i see the other plane, i slowed. quite a shock. neither the pilot nor the driver of the mercedes were injured. >> a sea plane that sank off the coast of sausalito is finally out of the water this morning. the plane crashed into richardson bay on friday. witnesses captured video as the sea plane tried to take off and hit a wake. a passing boater rescued the pilot and his passenger. >> when i saw it the plane nosed
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into the water and two guys climbing on to the wings. we turned around and went right to them. >> it's been more than day to locate the plane under water. investigators say fireworks may be the cause of a fire that went through a hertz rental car lot. this is cellphone video of the roaring blaze that consumed as many as 37 cars. hertz uses the lot to store extra cars. guests at the airport value inn said they thought they heard fireworks and the hertz manager reportedly found a firecracker at the scene. no estimate on the cost of damage. >> a holiday crackdown on drunk drivers has resulted more
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arrests so far compared to last year. chp as of midnight on saturday, officers have arrested 994 drivers statewide for driving under the influence. chp made 912 d.u.i. arrests in the same period last year. in the bay area, there has been 116 arrests compared to 128 arrested a year ago. chp says all available officers are on the roads looking for impaired drivers. some bay area communities are getting an early jump on the 4th of july festivities. an impressive fireworks show in mountain view last night. it was sponsored by san jose's bethel church. fireworks lit up the sky in richmond at marina bay park. for more bay area 4th of july events, visit our website at we have a list right there on the home page. >> we've got a map you can break it down county by county and
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click on. >> the temperatures, let's check in with mike. >> under the high pressure, the heat and high pressure has taken away the marine layer. all of us will be able to see fireworks even at the coast this afternoon. look they dry air, the orange significant any feisz, the deeper moisture and eventually the green are well up to the north where the storm track is. another day of above average temperatures, throw mid-70s in concord and antioch. you hear a few hair conditioners half moon bay is at 45 degrees. you'll be at 68 this afternoon. 75 in san francisco. you see mid-80s to 90s to the south bay. low 90s showing up in the north bay valleys but by far, east bay valleys the hottest with middle to upper 90s.
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mid to a upper 90s, gilroy and hollister. near 80, low to mid-80s, watsonville and salinas. accu-weather seven-day forecast, after the sun sets at 8:36 we'll drop down to the 50s and 60s. tomorrow should be the hottest afternoon and temperatures slowly taper as we head to friday where we'll be 10-15 degrees cooler than today. good morning. here is a live look. 80 at university. headlights are headed into the westbound direction as you make your way down to the maze. if you are head to the maze, 18 minute ride. things are looking good from lone tree way up to 242, 13 minutes and things are looking good on the peninsula. northbound 101 in highway 92 up to 380 about an eight minute ride. checking in with mass transit, ace reporting no delays and
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caltrain will running more trains and muni and bart operating on a holiday schedule. >> time is 5:10. >> looming show down between law enforcement and civil liberties add skro cats. >> and oil spill that threatening waterways. >> and more than the world's biggest office building. even a best buy. we'll give you special look inside the pentagon.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. governor of montana is criticizing exxon mobil for down playing the rupture of a pipeline that spilled tens of thousands of gallons into the yellowstone river. the ruptured line is in a remote area. the governor of the state says the company needs to get engineers to inspect the line up close. exxon officials say the damage is limited to ten-mile stretch of river. exxon brought more cleanup workers to mop up some of the crude. >> they are changing the way people search cellphones.
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it says police don't need a warrant to search the contents of a cellphone that they take from anyone they arrest. a state senator the law hasn't kept up with technology. officers should be required to get a judge's permission just as they would to search files or computers. >> the nation's military commanders are overseeing two wars in a no-fly zone. when they are not on duty they are working comfort and convenience. john hendron takes us through the corridors of the pentagon. >> reporter: its fortress city on to itself. >> it's a small economy within a small city. >> it's the largest office building, one the military leaders ever have to leave for dinner or dry-cleaning. they oversee everything from the drugstore to the barbershop.
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>> yes. military style. >> million donuts are sold every year. each each one of the employee has to eat 40 of these. >> and there a best buy, several clothing shops and there is even a dmv. >> best part, no lines but you have to one of these. >> necessity can linger over fine dining. valentine's, no flowers for a soldier, no problem. it's handy for other holidays. >> i'm at the entrance and there is one benefit that nobody tells you about. in the 4th of july, best place to watch the fireworks is right here. >> it's hardly compensation for repeat tours in iraq but if you return to duty here, it has it's
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privileges. a silicon valley start-up says he has developed new camera technology that will change the way pictures are taken. they have released haven't released the camera yet but posted sample photos. it allows you to change the focus of a picture after it's been taken. click on out of focus image in the background or foreground, it becomes clear. >> there is no question about that. i knew immediately when i saw what it could do, it was going to be whole new ballgame. >> to be able to shoot a picture and be able to refocus it later, not have to worry about is a big deal. >> a sanford student developed the technology. the key is that his camera can capture more light than others. >> how many times tried to take a picture of the kids and the kids are out of focus.
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sometimes they aren't even in front of the camera. >> let's talk to mike with a look at the forecast and how warm it's going to be. >> good morning so far. it's going to be another warm one outside. beautiful picture from sutro tower back to the east bay hills all the way to mount diablo. you can see how clear it is this morning. warm oranges, take a look at temperatures. morning stroll, it's low to mid-70s. still pretty warm around concord and antioch. low to mid-50s, fremont, redwood city, san jose, lblgs, san rafael, everybody else in the upper 50s until you get to 49 degrees in half moon bay. let's talk about why it's going to be so warm again today, but not quite as warm as yesterday.
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sea breeze is going to return later this afternoon. that is going to drop our temperatures 7 degrees at the coast. we'll still see 90s in the inadvanced valleys. mid to upper 50s along the coast 75 in downtown. 80 in sausalito. near 90s in north bay valleys. low to mid 80s for most of the east bay shore. same thing around morgan hill and hollister, 80s and upper 50s around carmel and salinas. >> both team are here, 77 and 80 if you are not a fan of the a's or giants, it will be cooler, not quite as warm and about 70 to 73 and game starts about an hour later. let's keep it over on this side of the bay and talk about fisherman's wharf, fireworks at
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9:30, clear skies, dropping down to 59 and the usual west wind blowing through the golden gate. if you are heading to the coast. looks like clearing and then fog will roll in after the fireworks shall over. winds at about 10-20 miles an hour. around the bay, clear skies, temperatures dropping down into the low 70s by the time we get to 9:00. inland areas, temperatures will be running up in the low to mid-80s with a light wind. finally, one last stop, in tahoe clear and temperatures in the 50s. winds are light. accu-weather seven-day forecast, tomorrow the last push of obnoxious heat, we reach 100 inland and then 10-15 degrees cooler in most neighborhoods. here is danielle. thank you, mike. here is a live look outside
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right now, walnut creek where things are moving well in both directions along 680 at north main street. taillights are headed in the southbound direction which is normally the commute direction, but looks like everybody is enjoying their day off. let's head over to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is light as you make your way across the upper and lower deck. checking in with mass transit, a reminder that ace is not operating. caltrain will operated more trains than usual. muni and bart operating on a holiday schedule. for the latest traffic, click on the latest bay area traffic at >> next, bay area pitching stars that will be showing their stuff at all-star game. >> and prince william and kate meet some french resistance on
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their visit to canada. >> and the transformers, big weekend winners next. h@
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good morning, happy 4th of july. it is 5:23 this morning. gorgeous shot from the east bay looking across the west at the bay bridge and san francisco. lovely picture. what is missing from this picture? >> traffic. >> and the fireworks, what we
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ordered up and check in with danielle going on with transit and traffic. >> giants will have four players in phoenix for the next all-star games. tim lincecum, matt cain and brian wilson. he gave up two earned runs. giants lost 6-3. >> gonzales is the only oakland a. he struck out seven while allowing one run over seven innings, they beat the diamondbacks 7-12. >> prince william and kate have met some french resistance. they touched down yesterday after a two day tour of quebec.
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site of a key british victory. they have been protesting near the royals. the couple says it doesn't change how much they respect and admire the country. they are day five of a nine day canadian tour. on industry they will head to los angeles. they are coming to the u.s. >> yes, they are. >> it was a big weekend at the u.s. box office. they are back at it again. third installment of the transformer series set a record. they took in $97 million in the first weekend. this sci-fi flick broke the record for domestic revenue. bad teacher was third.
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>> next at 5:30, a cessna was forced to use 280 as a landing strip. >> and flames destroyed dozens of cars at a rental lot near sfo. the cause fire investigators suspect that started the blaze. >> if you are traveling on this independence day, it's pretty warm everywhere and temperatures you see east of the rockies, and sticky humidity, 5-10 degrees warmer than that. no flight arrival delays into any of our major airports. we do have a few flight delays coming out of baltimore. flight tracker will have them at
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i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where bart police are explaining why their
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officers shot and killed a man last night. the story is coming up. also this morning, four people are dead, two others wounded in separate shootings in richmond. police are trying to determine if any of the gunfire is related. >> and an amazing sight in san mateo county, a plane is forced to make an emergency landing on interstate 280. it clipped the top of one car but no one is hurt. and if you are going to be outside today, slightly cooler, 2-7 degrees, but no heat advisories and no spare the air but it could come back tomorrow. >> and crash in berkeley, i'll have details coming up in a minute. >> i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> it's a little cooler today but plenty warm enough for barbecues and swimming. >> it all starts with temperatures that are running
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right now pretty warm in some spots. concord and antioch, we're having 70s greet us as we walk out the door this morning. 70 and 75 there. a lot of low to mid-50s and into the south bay and around san rafael. mid to upper 50s until you get to half moon bay, with that 48. winds are fairly calm at sfo, out of the west at 13 but they will pick up this afternoon. that is one of the reasons it will be slightly cooler than yesterday. inland valleys are running warmer than they were yesterday. that is the wrong graphic. low to mid 90s in the east bay. any 80s around the bay. we've got a new accident in berkeley, eastbound 80 as you are approaching gillman. you can see from flashing lights
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at the top of your screen, those are fire crews on the scene of that accident. everything is over in the center divide so none of these lanes are blocked. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving well as you make your way into san francisco. bart's holiday service has not begun this morning but investigators were busy at work after last night's fatal shooting of a man on a platform. it happened in civic center station in san francisco. amy hollyfield is there live. >> reporter: bart police say you can count on them for doing a thorough investigation into this case. san francisco police department will be conducting its own investigation. this happened at 9:30 last night at civic center plaza station. bart police got a call about a possible drunk man who was brandishing a knifepoint. witnesses say he was would be butly he fell down on the platform. when they arrived, within a
5:32 am
minute, police shot him. he later died at the hospital. bart police, deputy chief says he realizes some people don't trust bart police ever since the shooting of oscar grant. that is why he is out here this morning giving interviews about what happened. >> that is why we respond the way we do now. we're going to stand before the media and public and we're going to report what we know. you'll hear from our chief of police this morning, from make merit bart headquarters and administration headquarters. we're working hand in hand with san francisco pd and our detectives are sitting at the same be table. we'll find out what happened. we have new policies and procedures in place. they will be followed as they are written. if they are not, we'll make adjustments. >> they did find knives and broken glass from a bottle at
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the scene. one of the officers involved suffered cuts and had glass as hard as in his arm. deputy chief says he is not willing to say it appears his officers were justified in shooting the man. of the the station will be opening at likely this morning along with all the other stations. bart is on a holiday scheduled to so it doesn't look like service will be interrupted by this shooting. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." richmond police and contra costa sheriff's deputies are investigating four separate shootings that left four people dead and two others injured. it started around eight third last night when a man was shot on ohio street near south 39th street. he is expected to survive. shortly before 11:00, two people were shot on west ruby in north richmond. both of them were killed. about 15 minutes later, a person was found in with a fatal gunshot wound on center avenue near 31st street.
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they describe him as a 19-year-old man. ten minutes after that, at about 11:15, two people were shot on macdonald avenue. >> we're learning this morning, some bay area residents may have been aboard a boat that capsized off of baja california. they were carrying 44 people, including 27 americans. there are reports that one person has died. at least six people are still missing. some reports say all the americans survived. u.s. coastguard is assisting the mexican navy searching the see of cortez. >> they removed a small plane on 280 offer night after it made an emergency landing. it happened on the northbound lanes. the single-engine cessna came in
5:35 am
below power lines and clipped the back of a mercedes. the pilot took off from nearby san carlos airport and had a fuel problem. he was able to radio a mayday just before landing on the right hand shoulder of the freeway. neither the pilot nor the driver of the mercedes was injured. >> investigators say fireworks might be the cause after fire that ripped through a hertz rental car lot in south san francisco yesterday. the fire destroyed 37 cars. here is a cellphone video of the flames. guests at the airport value inn describe the scene. >> i saw the smoke and flames coming up that high. i thought we were on fire and i told my family to get out. that was before the cops starred getting people out. i was already out. the fireworks and stuff was exploding and you could hear
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fire trucks coming. >> it went off the back and five minutes later, there we were. >> the manager reportedly found a firecracker at the scene. there is no estimate on the cost of the damage. >> police will be on the outlook for illegal fireworks. san bruno is one of 13 cities in the area that sells safe and sane fireworks, they can only be set off in the cities you buy them. most other communities have a zero tolerance policy with fines up to $4,000. we have a complete list of legal fireworks shows on our website at there is a link on the home page and viewing should be great about anywhere in the bay area. >> temperatures shouldn't be too bad either. >> one the sun sets we'll feel
5:37 am
more comfortable. it's about 8:36 and not quite as hot as yesterday. still hot but not quite as much. we'll drop 2-7 degrees. marine layer is trying to return. we'll get more of an onshore flow than we had yesterday. guess what happens tomorrow, that reverses and gets hot again so enjoy today. we're looking at those winds, facial calm right now but they will pick up in the afternoon hours and start to push some of that cool ocean cooled air. right now, we're pretty close, one to two degrees where we were yesterday at the coast and around the bay. inland, 1-78 degrees warmer. -- 1-7 degrees warmer. >> east bay valleys, still in the 70s and the rest of us in the 50s and 60s. temperatures in the upper 60s around the coast. 70s and 80s for the rest of us. you see the 90s in the east bay valleys. we'll be 89 in santa rosa, 85 in
5:38 am
san jose, 70 in san francisco. seven-day forecast, last push of dangerous heat tomorrow, probably spare-the-air day tomorrow and we drop 10-15 degrees by the weekend. good morning. chp is still dealing with an accident in berkeley, eastbound 80 as you approach gillman you can see blue and red flashing lights. over in the center divide but none of those lanes are blocked. it's not affecting your ride. those headlights are headed in the westbound direction as you make your way out to the maze. at the golden gate bridge, traffic is light as you make your way across the span out of the city. check in with mass transit, "h" train is not operating due to holiday service. caltrain will be running more trains for muni and bart on a holiday schedule. >> the apparent hack that had a
5:39 am
major network tweeting falsely this morning about an attack on president obama. >> also, jurors in the trial of a mother accused of murdering her own daughter get no holiday break. what they are expected to spend today doing. >> more firefighters battling a huge fire near a nuclear lab are breathing=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=xx
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. fox news says its twitter account was hacked and is
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apologizing over president obama's assassination which was false. they say he was shot twice at a restaurant and that he passed away and joe biden was the new president. they have more than 33,000 followers. fox news called the tweets malicious and false and the hacking is being investigated. president obama is fine and will host 4th of july activities at the white house today. >> prosecutors in florida will get the final word with jurors before they begin deliberating in the casey anthony murder trial. anthony is accused of killing her two-year-old daughter caylee. her attorney argued that the toddler accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool. prosecutors contend that she was suffocated by duct tape by her mother that crafted elaborate
5:43 am
lies. >> she took a child, she took a life and she put her in the trunk and forgot about it. >> you are going to ask you to see things that are not there and imagine fictional science, it's a fantasy of forensics. >> if convicted, 25-year-old casey anthony could get the death penalty. >> an aircraft monitoring the area around a huge wildfire burning near los alamos have not detected no high radiation levels. fortunately the fire shifted away from the lab late last week. about 12,000 people that were evacuated were allowed to return home yesterday. >> we are not done in battling this fire. we are safe enough to bring residents back but war not going to call it safe. in fact the county won't be up and running completely until
5:44 am
about tuesday. the fire has burned across 190 square miles of forest. rain yesterday gave crews battling the blaze a huge break. retailers may see green in this holiday and more barbecues may be heating up. >> electronic eyes that caltrain will be turning to to try to stop suicides. >> and hunger strike being held in berkeley grads. >> and here comes see through, a small fremont company that issss
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welcome back. here is a live look at doner 7 hd. what is that down in southern california, monsoon is back. some of that could come up in the form of clouds later this week. until then it will be very warm through the central valley. low 100s. scattered thunderstorms around palm springs at 102. sunshine at big sur and 79. looks like we're going to have heat coming our way in a few days and big cooling trend as we
5:48 am
head towards the weekend. back to you guys. i was going to keep going. >> okay, mike, thank you very much. >> look at the stories we're following. investigators are trying to figure out why a bart police officer shot and killed a man at civic center plaza station last night. bart officials say the suspect had a broken bottle and possibly knives. a bart officer was slightly injured with cuts and bruises to his arm. >> richmond police and contra costa sheriff's department are investigating four separate shootings that left four people dead. two others were injured. the shootings took place between 8:30 and 11:15 last night. >> sarah shourd will begin a
5:49 am
hunger strike for the continued detention of the two dealing detained in iran. iranians released shourd on bail last year. the two are set to go on trial at the end of this month. u.c. berkeley and people around the nation will take place in a rolling hunger strike. they will take turns fasting to demand their release. >> a fremont county pakistan has won what they consider the oscar of technology. sun company was given an award for their technology. >> if this video screen looks familiar, it could be because you saw a movie named minority report. in it, actor tom cruise could see right through the images on his monitor. >> i'm moving it like avatar,
5:50 am
you can see it on the glass. >> the invention combines an invisible laser beam with a thin film. one layer turns red, one turns green and one turns blue. each layer made of particles so tiny visible light passes right between them. coat your windshield and it will make a future dashboard. >> the colors you are seeing are not the colors of the laser beam. the laser light is invisible the glow you see is the nano material responding to the laser light. that coating can be put on any clear material, even that is not clear. it's completely absorbed by the material. in fact it could be built right into an automobile windshield. >> general motors is testing it into show cars. disney in theme parks. a related technology has
5:51 am
holographic material with use of a projector. they come up with a new application every day. and it also appears on retail displays. next milestone is to make it respond to touch. >> joey chestnut to defend his title this 4th of july. chestnut set a world record last year downing 68 dogs and buns. he says he consumes about 20,000 calories at the contest but the doctor says he is okay as long as he takes care of yourself. >> so if are barbecuing hot dogs today, what is the weather going to be like? >> it's going to be warm.
5:52 am
a lot of sunshine and nice time to be out and about. it will cool quickly. we're watching the sunrise as we look back from mount tamalpais over the east bay hills. let's talk about the temperatures. we still have 50s and 60s until you get to concord, antioch, low to mid-80s there and 46 at half moon bay. around monterey bay, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. it's going hot again today but about 2-7 degrees cooler but it puts us to mid no low 90s. upper 80s to low 90s but los gatos could hit 94 degrees. low 90s on the peninsula. mid to upper 60s along the coast. 75 in downtown to 80 in south san francisco. same thing with sausalito with mid upper 80s in vallejo and petaluma. i would say 25 degrees cooler
5:53 am
with mid to upper 60s at your beaches. 70 in monterey and 80 in sausalito santa cruz. two baseball games, first one, at 1:00, a's taking on the mariners, 77 to 80. just an hour later across the bay, over at at&t, giants will be taking on the padres, not quite as warm, 70 to 73 degrees. if you are going to see some fireworks, let's start with fisherman's wharf, 62 dropping down to 59 and the wind will be blowing out of west at about 15-20. as far as the lows, mid to upper 50s around the bay down to oakland and san mateo. low 60s around fremont and san jose and possibly a 70 in antioch. we still have high pressure dominating our weather but with this cold front bearing down on us, that is what is going to switch the winds a little onshore and why we see a slight
5:54 am
pull back on the temperatures. triple-digit it's to turn to 90 around the bay, upper 50s around the coast. ten 15 degrees cooler around the coast. >> let's head a live look at 880. this is what we like to call holiday light. traffic light in both directions same story around the toll bridge plaza, metering lights are off. checking in with mass transit, remainder no service for "h". mien and bart will be running on a holiday schedule. for the latest traffic news go to and click on the traffic link. retailers will be sharing their love of country today. at the new york stock exchange with an expected rise of patriotic products. good morning. you might be hosting a barbecue
5:55 am
or going to someone else's today or might even be doing some shopping. today is the last day for 4th of july bargains for a bunch of retailers. retailers try to capitalize on americans urge to get their patriotism on. they are pretty district go this season's fourth that more than 20% will by patriotic merchandise, up from 16% last year. meantime, americans are expected to eat 150 million hot dogs today. apple gate promoting its organic dogs by the winner of the best way to enjoy its products. dish network offering 99 cent movies in celebration of independence day through it's dish cinema. this is the bloomberg business report. >> it's 5:55. >> caltrain is moving ahead with
5:56 am
a plan to mount cameras on front and back trains to record accidents and suicides. they report that 70 cameras will be installed and run nonstop and paid for by a $500,000 security granted as part of a state bond. goal is to record deaths and suspicious activity on the tracks stretching from gilroy to san francisco. last year there were 11 swreidz along the track. so far there have been nine including three last month. >> police in el cerrito are warning neighbors to be on the outlook for a mountain lion. they discovered an injured deer which was determined was attacked by a mountain lion. it happened in 5800 block of charles avenue. they say the deer was swoo severely injured to be saved. police want residents to call 911 or animal control if they see a mountain lion. just ahead at 6:00 a.m., a small plane makes an emergency landing on interstate 280 near
5:57 am
redwood city swiping a car in a frightening close car call. >> they are trying to figure out why their officers stopped and killed a man last night.tttx
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you can see i'm amy hollld


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